THE 418



EST 1913

Our beloved building was constructed in 1912-1913 and was known for years as Burgman’s Hall or Burgman’s Block.The building is significant for its connection to Richard Burgman, a bricklayer and builder who has left a legacy in the city with a number of significant buildings in north Lethbridge.

Featuring a unique brick pattern on the facade, The 418 is a reflection of Burgman’s skill, interest, and creativity. Qualities that continue to be embodied by Designed to Dwell, Jonny Bean, and Underground Escape.

The building is also significant for the commercial and social roles it has played in the development of both the northside and the city.

The building went up during the 1906-1913 boom in Lethbridge and is representative of the growth in the community during that time, as new settlers were coming into the community and requiring new services. It was a significant part of the culture of the north side of the city, acting as a meeting hall and hosting spot for community events such as dances, piano recitals and political rallies.

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In that same spirit, the 418 was bought in 2016 by partners David D’silva, Jody Banda, and Treena Banda. The dream was to rebuild and restore a community hub in North Lethbridge and through collaborative efforts on the parts of many, that dream is being realized today.

In 2017 The 418 opened it’s door to the city.